Southern Kaduna Peace Gathering (Parley) Held in Kafanchan @ New Choice Hotel- July 22nd, 2017

Agenda:  Time 10am


1.   Arrival/Registration & Opening Prayers – 9:30 -10:15

2.   Welcome & Introductions – 10:15-10:25

3.   Opening Remarks – 10:25-10:35

4.   Mission Statement – Convener – 10:35-10:55

5.   STF Commander’s Remarks – 11:00-11:15

6.   Goodwill Messages –  11:15-11:40

7.   General Discussions – 11:40 -1:00

8.   Summary of 7. & Next Steps (Way Forward) – 1:00 – 1:10

9.   Vote of Thanks? Announcements – 1:10 – 1:15

10.                  Closing Prayers -1:15 – 1:20

Remarks and Reflection Questions from the Convener 4 Peace Gathering:


1.    What practical steps do we need to take to bring an end to the violent attacks against the innocent people of SK, address the issues of justice and promote peaceful co-existence, prevent further attacks/conflict and build structures towards maintaining sustainable peace among our people? How do we build trust among our people, help young people overcome the challenges of mistrust and constant loss of lives due to violent attacks in our Communities?

2.    In seeking to address these challenges, what are the roles of:

· Parents and Community Leaders?

· Religious Leaders?

· Traditional Rulers?

· Women & Youth?

**Government/Political Leaders

** The Security Agencies


3.    Counting the Costs:

       What have we lost through these crises?

       What have we gained from the crises?

       What can we do together for the promotion of Peaceful co-existence?

       What next from here and beyond?

       How can the trauma and wounds be healed?


4.    Promoting Peaceful Co-existence:

       What are the possible obstacles to peace building in our Community?

       What practical steps can we take to build trust and promote security in our communities/towns/villages?

       What practical steps can we take to promote peace-building through relationship-building between Christians, Muslims and others in our Communities?

       What is the role of government and security agents?  

Closure of all the higher Institutions in Southern Kaduna State is a major issue which needs to be addressed. We call for the reopening of these colleges and schools.


Our Traditional Rulers as Royal Fathers need to be encouraged to work.


The stringent bail conditions slammed on a journalist Mr. Luka Binniyat three days ago leading to his return to continuous detention in prison needs to be examined.


The Revd Gideon Para-Mallam

Regional Secretary (IFES-EPSA) Africa



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