SOUTHERN KADUNA PEACE GATHERING: The 9-Point Agenda for Peace in Southern Kaduna – Communique – July 22nd, 2017



1.     Initiate a broad-based development agenda specifically targeted at the victims of violence, especially women and children using the following strategies:

a)    Meet immediate basic needs such as food and shelter

b)    Provide psychological and trauma care

c)    Provide socio-economic support and empowerment for youth and women

2.    Traditional and religious leaders must demonstrate and practice justice and equity towards all people in their territories/communities without ethno-religious sentiments or favouritism.

3.    Include Southern Kaduna in all Federal Government relief efforts.

4.    Set up an effective Monitoring and Evaluation system to ensure security agents provide proper and rapid security to communities.

5.    Address wider social justice and inclusiveness issues through the following strategies:

a)    Ensure equitable access to land for all people and citizens of Nigeria, not just the wealthy and well-connected.

b)    Include women and youth in all decision-making and peace-building platforms.

c)    All government authorities must administer justice and allocate resources equitably across all regions of Nigeria.

d)    Apprehend, prosecute and incarcerate all those responsible for instigating, sponsoring and perpetrating acts of violence and lawlessness.

e)    Ensure that the narrative on Southern Kaduna reflects the truth in order for genuine reconciliation and peace to prevail.

6.    Maintain all legitimate cattle routes.

7.    Prohibit under-aged persons (children) from cattle rearing, as well as cattle rearing at night.

8.    Kaduna State Government should re-open all tertiary institutions in Southern Kaduna.

9.    Encourage all residents and communities in Southern Kaduna to cooperate fully with the STF through factual information sharing and refrain from taking law into their own hands.

** Traditional rulers to be respected and encouraged to do their job in promoting peaceful co-existence in their domain and Southern Kaduna in general.

** The release under detention and unfair bail conditions for the Journalist Luka Binniyat in Kaduna by the Kaduna State government

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