“This peace gathering is the best”

The Southern Kaduna Peace gathering got underway yesterday 22nd July 2017 in Kafanchan with a clear vision and mission statements: Peaceful Co-existence, Conflict Prevention and Building Strictures for Sustainable Peace in Southern Kaduna. There were critically needful observations and quality solutions suggested.

Most importantly, the presence of  dignitaries that came from all walks of life in SK routing 4 peace and justice  at meeting.

I have attended so many meetings on peace – regarding the Southern Kaduna attacks but I can honestly say that yesterday’s gathering has been the best so far with the highest attendance and representativeness – 300 was the target attendance but about 540 attended.

In terms of quality, passion and commitment to a sincere quest for peace, this peace gathering is the best.

Of particular interest is the closure of tertiary schools in  Southern Kaduna. The general agreement was that no basis exists for their continued closure.

The unjust incarceration of Luka Binniyat also took center stage, particularly the stringent bail conditions attached as reflected in the opening address of the Convener: The Revd Gideon Para-Mallam.

The issue of our district heads and how they are being treated also featured.

The STF Commander, Maj. Gen R.I Nicholas who spoke insisted that he will not condone any killing again or molestation of anybody.    He spoke with so much passion and sincerity that I just can’t help but believe him.

He said from now on – no more herding of cattle (cows) at night. The STF will shoot any Fulani who is herding in the night.

With a meeting like this, I think we might be getting closer to peace in Southern Kaduna.

To the Conveners, I say Welldone.

Reuben Buhari

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