Southern Kaduna Peace Gathering Follow-up Meeting Held in Kafanchan @ Wonderland Hotel- August 26th, 2017

Draft Agenda:  Time 10:00am                                     

1.   Arrival/Registration & Opening Prayers – 9:30 -10:15

2.   Welcome Introductions/ Remarks – Co- Convener 10:15-10:25

3.   Focus of Follow-up Meeting – Convener – 10:25-10:50

4.   General Discussions – 10:50-11:50

5.   Goodwill Messages –  11:55-12:10

6.   Summary Statement & Action Steps – 12:10 – 12:20

7.   Vote of Thanks/Announcements – 12:20 – 12:30

8.   Closing Prayers -1:15 – 12:35


Remarks from the Convener for Follow-up Peace Gathering – August 26th:


1.    Brief Summary of July 22nd, 2017 Peace Gathering and Updates

2.    Nine (9-Point Peace Agenda

3.    Counting the Costs:

       What have we lost through these crises?

       What have we gained from the crises?

       What can we do together for the promotion of Peaceful co-existence?

       How can the trauma and wounds be healed?

       What next from here and beyond?


4.    Promoting Peaceful Co-existence & Trust Relationship:

       What are the possible obstacles to peace building in our Community?

       What practical steps can we take to build trust and promote security in our communities/towns/villages?

       What practical steps can we take to promote peace-building through relationship-building between Christians, Muslims and others in our Communities?

       What is the role of government and security agents?  

5.    Cry for Justice: Conflict Prevention and Structures for Sustainable Peace

       Identify Specific Challenges to Sustainable Peace in Southern Kaduna

       Suggest Specific Solutions towards Conflict Prevention and Sustainable Peace Building

       Suggest Specific Mechanisms that will help in their Implementation

       Identify Specific Persons and Agencies to Bring Peace to Southern Kaduna

       Monitoring/Evaluation and Reporting of Progress & Way Forward


Closure of all the higher Institutions in Southern Kaduna State is a major issue which needs to be addressed with the reopening of the schools.


The Revd Gideon Para-Mallam

Regional Secretary (IFES-EPSA) Africa

Convener, August 26th 2017



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