Reflections from the Para-Mallam’s on this 2020 Easter & COVID-19: THE ‘BRIEF REIGN OF DARKNESS’

(Luke 23:44-49)
Complete darkness and evil reigned briefly for three hours as the light of the sun failed and JESUS – the Righteous One – hung on the cross. The people beat their chests in sorrow and returned home discouraged and in despair. All the children of God could do was stand at a distance and watch.

What the people did not know; what the powers  of darkness did not realize was that at the moment of deepest darkness, when death engulfed Our Lord and He committed His Spirit to God, at that VERY moment the way of righteousness, divine forgiveness, salvation, reconciliation with and unfettered access to God, as well as everlasting life opened up to ALL humankind who place  their trust in the shed blood of Christ at Calvary.

Today, we also beat our chests in deep sorrow over the darkness and evil that have been reigning in our land. While some of us are opportune to be within the four  walls of a Church or Cathedral, others are in lockdown, captivity or afflicted, in IDP camps or uprooted from their lands or bereaved of loved ones.

Lockdown or no lockdown, celebrating the death and resurrection of Christ in our hearts and in the way we live is the best remembrance we owe our LORD Jesus Christ at Easter. Let’s not be discouraged by the lockdowns this season.

Indeed, we observe from this passage (Luke 23:44-49) the mysterious ways and purposes of our All-Wise, All-Knowing and All-Powerful God: simply that death and evil do not have the privileged last word in God’s scheme of things.

Jesus Christ is risen. He’s alive and our nation shall come out of darkness into His glorious light according to His prophetic promises and divine purpose. Hallelujah!

So whatever the circumstance we face, celebrating Easter in our hearts and in the way we live is the most important remembrance we owe our Lord.

Have a most blessed Easter celebrating His victory in your life, family, community, the Church and the Nation. JESUS reigns FOREVER!

Gideon & Funmi Para-Mallam

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