Vision, Mission, Values


We aim to be a centre of excellence for the promotion of truth, justice, peaceful coexistence and mentoring young and emerging African leaders.

(Image – Right to Left: Most Rev Ignatius Kaigama – Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, Mr. W. Stuart Symington – US Ambassador to Nigeria, Prof. Funmi Para-Mallam – Board Member of the Para-Mallam Peace Foundation,  The Revd Gideon Para-Mallam, Executive Director of the Peace Foundation, Sheikh Dr. Khalid Aliyu Abubakar – JNI General Secretary – Picture taken on February 5th 2019).


To promote justice and peaceful co-existence through value-based leadership development and providing opportunities for vulnerable communities affected by conflict to dialogue and work together on productive, educative and innovative initiatives.

Core Values

Ø  Truth telling

Ø  Justice-oriented peacemaking

Ø  Mentoring for value-based leadership

Ø  Human rights & citizen responsibilities

Ø  Socioeconomic justice

Ø  Gender equality and equity

Ø  Evidence-based research

Expected Outcomes


ü  To see justice, peace and security are established in Nigeria and Africa so that sustainable development and human progress are guaranteed in conformity with Mathew 5:9.

ü  To see young people effectively mentored to become transformational leaders in Africa.

ü  To have a conducive environment where missions and evangelism can thrive through constructive conflict management and transformation strategies. Peace-building could serve as a powerful vehicle for gospel outreach to Muslims and others but with respect to freedom of choice and no compulsion in faith.


ü  To see women and girls accorded their God given dignity, equity and respect and their capacities strengthened for maximum human potential.


The specific objectives of the Foundation are to:

·       Promote relationships that foster trust building. The foundation will work towards restoring trust among people of different faiths and ethnic-nationalities.

·     Work for justice and peace through dialogue and intentional proactive steps in peace-building. We acknowledge that there can be no peace without justice.

·       Hold regular inter-faith and inter-community peace meetings between the various people groups (ethnic nationalities). We believe that respecting and appreciating one another’s differences in faith and cultural practices is crucial in the peace-building process.

·      Raise peace-building grassroots Ambassadors who will talk and walk the peace. These are people who will go beyond talking to live peace from sincere hearts.

·   Encourage individual mindset reset towards social re-orientation and transformation through seminars and training programs.

·     Select young emerging leaders from around Africa who will be mentored on the cores of value-based leadership towards promoting positive and sustainable change in the society.

·       Establish a Leadership Academy to train young people to work together for positive change and unity irrespective of socioeconomic status, sex, religion or ethnicity.


·       Strengthen the capacity of women to become development change agents in their communities.

Streams of the Foundation

v  Citizens Monitoring Group (CMG): This stream focuses on peacebuilding and advocacy. The goal here is to continue promoting peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims which is predicated on justice. This is inspired by Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the sons [children] of God.” In this stream, we will also engage in research and advocacy for the persecuted Church in and beyond Nigeria.

v  Transformational Leadership Development Mentoring Initiative (TLDMI) focuses on – Mentoring for Value-Based Leadership Development: This stream is to engage in intentional mentoring for transformation. The goal is to target 100 younger leaders from across Africa and start a strategic mentoring initiative for the next five years.


v  African Women Arise Rebuild & Excel (AWARE) Initiative. This stream aims to strengthen the capacity of women to become development change agents in their communities.