Children Day: TP-MPF Calls for Adequate Protection for Nigerian Children

On this Children’s Day, The Para-Mallam Peace Foundation joins the global community in celebrating one of our most precious resources – the world’s children. Within each child lies boundless potential, an unfolding future brimming with promise to shape a better world for us all. Yet even as we rejoice in their hopeful existence, we must confront the harsh realities that rob far too many young lives of the safety, security, and opportunities they deserve.

Children represent the seeds of humanity’s progress. Their inquisitive minds, creative spirits, and unbound optimism fuel the innovations and ideas that will propel our societies forward. By nurturing their talents and providing them with quality education, we unlock dormant brilliance and empower the next generation of leaders, artists, scientists, and change-makers.

TP-PMPF staff during a visit to an orphanage in Daddu, Jaba local govt area of Kaduna state

Tragically, in regions gripped by violence and insecurity, the bright futures of millions of children have been overshadowed. In these areas, playgrounds have been traded for battlegrounds, and childhoods cut brutally short by the traumas of war, conflict, and displacement. The very idea that any young person should bear witness to such atrocities is an injustice that shakes the moral foundations of our global community.

In Nigeria, a nation blessed with immense human potential, children have become unintended victims of the country’s security crisis. From the abductions of the Chibok and Dapchi schoolgirls to the frequent attacks on educational facilities, the threat of violence has disrupted learning and shattered the hopes of many Nigerian youth. Children in the northeast have been deprived of safety, separated from families, and subjected to horrific human rights violations at the hands of terrorist groups. This rampant insecurity has reverberating effects, robbing entire generations of their fundamental rights to education, health, and personal development.

No child should be drafted into the theater of conflict. No parent should live in perpetual fear of their child’s wellbeing. The international community must stand united in its commitment to protect the world’s young from the insidious impacts of violence. We call on all nations, organizations, and stakeholders to prioritize child safety, advocate for their rights, and invest in robust peacebuilding and conflict resolution mechanisms.

On this Children’s Day, we celebrate the incredible potential that resides within each child. Yet our optimism must be matched by decisive action to safeguard their futures. Together, we can create an environment where every girl and boy can thrive, learn, dream, and grow into the empowered leaders and change agents our world so desperately needs.

Let us honor the promise of our children by striving for a more peaceful, just, and secure world. Their hopes and aspirations are our guiding light, reminding us that a brighter tomorrow remains possible if we have the courage and compassion to protect their journey.

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