Reaction to the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group Report on Nigeria

Image L-R Gideon and the British High Commissioner – Catriona Laing on a condolence trip to the grave site of Mbolom attack victims during her fact finding visit to Benue State, Sept 2019

The UK APPG report on Nigeria, released on June 15th, 2020 is long overdue. The previous inattention caused many to suspect some kind of global conspiracy of silence or the posturing of a toothless bulldog interested in mere talk. For long, numerous internal voices have been raising concerns over the on-going killings and unending wastefulness of human life in Nigeria. The targeting and systematic killings of Christians and ethnic minorities to forcefully grab their ancestral homelands is real and has been going on for a decade now. This can no longer be denied! There is clear danger ahead if this trend continues and the reality tactically buried or conflated with arguments around climate change and resource control. While both arguments have some merit, they do not detract from the fact that Christians and ethnic minorities in Northern Nigeria have historically faced and continue to face systemic and systematic discrimination, injustice and oppression on several fronts. The APPG report now takes the conversation to a different level by presenting a critical evaluation of issues and supporting evidence. I hope this moment could be seized for positive impact.

Working towards promoting social cohesion in Nigeria

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Kindly see the UK APPG report on Nigeria

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