Wilton Park Conference on Fostering Social Cohesion in Nigeria

Image L-R Gideon, British High Commissioner to Nigeria – Catriona Laing, Funmi, Dominic William during a visit to Plateau State in Dec. 2019
Image L-R Alice Gore, Grant Morris, Gideon, Dominic William – Staff of the British High Commission during a visit to crisis victims in Kajuru LGA, Kaduna State in July 2019

A Synopsis:

Let me begin by appreciating the organizers of this important consultation: Wilton Park in partnership with the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office for inviting me. It is my hope that this gathering will not end up as another talk shop or a one-off event. Does anyone still believe in the Nigerian project? Many Nigerians are angry and discouraged with all that is happening in Nigeria today especially with the corruption that is so glaring and the insecurity affecting all of us regardless of where you live or come from. I am personally angry and sad at what is happening in Nigeria today, but I still believe in the indivisible unity of my country and will do everything under God to promote unity and peaceful co-existence among Nigerians. I hope this conference will be the beginning of a genuine process in finding practical solutions towards fostering social cohesion in Nigeria. From my interactions with various stakeholders in the course of my peace building work I have come to one conclusion, most citizens of Nigeria are ready and yearning for sustainable peace based on justice for all. This conclusion has also come as a result of my direct field experience in meetings with and listening to the voices of the victims of violence in Nigeria.

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